Welcome new folks! 

Ropes Info:

  • Monthly Registration (never changes):
  • First Time Registration (only need to do once):
  • We always will require masking
  • You might be asked to show your physical, pic of, or mobile vaccine card
  • We have regulars and collectively decide if we want to solo tie, pair+ up, or if someone wants to lead a tie. 
  • There are usually snacks unless we all fail to remember to bring any. 
  • We have two forms, one is for us to vet in people and the second is to be filled out each month you come and is significantly shorter. Thus far, most everyone has been who they say they are which is nice. 
  • Once your information gets is reviewed, we will add you to the Discord, Signal, Lex Chat, &/or Listserv if you requested. 
  • We have some problems with people getting our confirmation emails so we are saying no news is good new. Iow, unless you here from us, you are good.
  • Add admin@conspiracyofgeniuses.org and as back-up qtpocradcare@gmail.com in case we do need to reach you. 

Trans Definition:

  • Trans+, to us, is defined as anyone not cis. 
  • We welcome anyone who is genderqueer, nonconforming, non-binary, and any other terms that mean you do not identify with the sex your were assigned at birth.   

Consent driven: 

  • so yes this space is to explore tying but popping into someone‚Äôs dms without permission and any other seemingly predatory behavior (purposeful or not) is a reason to get banned. 
  • This includes bullying, cohercion, and any verbal and/or emotional abuse. 
  • Any physical contact must have enthusiastic consent. 
  • If individuals want to rejoin, we have always been open to earnest and authentic conversations.


  • Once you register, you will have access to some of the discord. 
  • By attending a meet-up, you get full access for three months. 
  • This decision was made because we are posting pictures of ourselves and the discord is unmanageable. 
  • Our online spaces are primarily used to remind people to register and for new folks to ask questions.


  • We ask new folks to fill out both forms and apologize in advance as we really hate forms to which is why most questions are optional. 
  • After that only the monthly registration needs to be filled out. 
  • We are working on a better solution that also allows us to vet for chasers,etc. 

Feb Meeting: