UXMAL is a social app that allows users to get resources from their communities including referrals inclusive of intersectional identities.

Moreover, it incorporates an interactive anti-oppression curriculum
masquerading as a fun interactive AI/ML-based game that users can refer others to
deescalate conflict that often happens in intersectional space.

Check out our video presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa09NVMFLgk
and Miro Board, which will close again at the end of the month again while we review the new data input.
https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVNi0AAdQ=/ PW: TransTech

Pitch Deck

Intersectional communities primarily use social media for
resource acquisition including knowledge.

UXMAL will be the first community-made, open-source, social network to exchange goods, knowledge, and referrals specific to location and identities.

Moreover, it is the first app to incorporate an anti-oppressive curriculum via an AI/ML gaming structure.

Anti-racism/Anti-Oppression trainings only make people better racists by teaching them what not to say or do.

UXMAL is interactive and based on the individual users’ exploration.

The Adivino a.k.a.
Pirámide del adivino

aka the Pyramid of the Magician
aka the Pyramid of the Dwarf

  • The problem is navigating intersectional environments as it is difficult for anyone to become an expert on every single identity out there, especially when most people do not care.
  • This app is created by and for an intersectional community with an updateable infrastructure to grow as our cultures do.
  • Other issues that create barriers are too many ads, paywalls, location restrictions, as well as grey-bans – all of which target marginalized identities. 

UXMAL is the bridge between technologies and social justice. innovative as it takes old ideas, finding new approaches. It will be built by diverse research and tech community  – specifically trans women, Native and Black individuals. UXMAL, while focused in the US at first has the potential to exist anywhere just as other social platforms do.

The Mutual Aid Rosie the Riveter illustration used by mutual aid groups from London, UK to St. Louis, Missouri. Credit: Nicole Marie Burton of Ad Astra Comix

UXMAL is focused on social processes over results. It is an investment in the future that can be passed along to the next generation because its grassroots leadership allows for reiterations, growth, and change. It is urgent, many people need resources now, but also recognize that we must be patient for the process to happen. UXMAL will be created in/by the community and will be open source so it can function like Mastodon, a social app that can be installed on a website or used on the Mastodon website: https://mastodon.social/. 

UXMAL is an intersectional project of technological development & societal impact.

One category cannot fit innovative work.

It is technology. It is social media, AI, Mutual Aid & Liberation, Anti-Oppression, Public Health, Self/Community/RAD Care, Anthropology, Psychology, Conflict Resolution, and much more…

Yes! Many others are in these fields and even people creating apps and websites to serve some of these functions individually but there is no field, no project, that is trying to create anything like this. There are some mutual-aid type apps like Next Door and Buy Nothing but both of these have substantial issues with diversity as do the main social media sites. Yelp allows for individuals to leave reviews but it is a lot of sift through when looking for something specific to your identity. Some apps are being built via Public Health for populations susceptible to HIV and other diseases and infections. This app is coming from over a decade of research on what intersectional marginalized individuals need and why current resources continue to fail them.