Queeratine Submission Information

Here is where we have hidden the specifics about the call as well as our inspiration.

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Click here for application. Let is be stated that submissions that do not follow the very simple protocols will not be reviewed. Aka reading the call will definitely increase the likelihood of your inclusion.

TLDR/What we need from you:

Proposal should not be more than a paragraph and should include your name; contact info; if (and where) this has been published anywhere else, including online; your website and/or any other way to view your work online if you have one. Additionally, include either (a) finished piece(s) or a proposal for up to ten half-sized pages (8.5″x5.5″ with margins) of content. Think the page size of a regular book or zine, not letter. We made a docx (local) & InDesign (Google Doc) Templates for a visual.

What we are looking for from submissions:

The call is for work that qts have created during this time where marginalized intersectional people are facing the most isolation, alienation and direct aggression. As artist it is during these times of duress that our heart shines through and some of our best work comes out. This book will be that gold of the heart shine that has brought the queer to quarantine, to queeratine. So many of us artists used this time for self-reflection, to start creating new work. We want to bring that work together in a multimedia package that is accessible to as many people as possible.

In her book all about love, bell hooks quotes other writers and philosophers who have defined love as the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth. With this anthology we write a love letter to each other, to our communities, to our friends, to our enemies, and to the world. We want to nurture your growth which is why we are being very flexible with the guidelines; accepting completed works and works in progress; and are offering support to get your work ready for submission. We hope that this book can represent an array of our community in different places in their artistic career. A time capsule that we can pull of the shelf and look back at what we survived, together. A reminder of the commitment of love that arose in the face of adversity.

Stories, poetry, drawings, etc should have been produced after your geographical area was put on quarantine and generally reflective of the impact of quarantine, generally being the key word here, we are open – if your reflection means you wrote a bunch of porn, cool send it our way. We still are still working out how being sex positive and youth positive is going to work out logistically but we are committed to finding out.

What we expect:

This is an anthology of short stories, poems, illustrations and other art where each artist will fill up to ten half-pages with writing or visual art reproducible in mostly b&w with the possibility of two color or fine black print on good paper. Local contributors will get quality digital photos files of their work as well as one of a limited handmade artbook (pressed before the book goes to the publisher).


We are looking to economically support contributors, we are working out specifics between or Fiscal Sponsor, Board of Directors and Review Panel. If you have economic needs in order to be able to participate in this project, please tell us in your submission. Please know that we have limited funding and a tight budget for this project. Currently we expect to be able to compensate artists up to $100 depending on quantity and quality of submissions. In other words, you will get paid between $0-100 for your submission, tbd.

Why a book AND multimedia:

We are starting with a call for art reproducible in print media. We have grant to produce a book and through conversations we realized it would be better as something that had a multimedia component for accessibility and artistic integrity. We applied for another grant to record poets and writers reading their own and possibly others work. Artists are invited to consider and speak to how your piece would lend to a multimedia – audio and print (for right now).

Who we are looking for:

We are accepting submissions from anyone who identifies under the queer umbrella. We are especially interested in submissions from people impacted by the increased disparities and bigotry of the covid time and the curation team was recruited to reflect this praxis. CoG ethos is in mutual liberation and we have always worked from the principles of mutual aid and a consensus-based praxis. We are and have always been peer led by queer and trans people with intersectional identities specifically Native, Black, Disabled, Sex Worker, Drug User and/or Youth identities. A selection of those who submitted by the first round were (pre)accepted and invited to be on the review committee for the later submitting applicants. Click here for more about our peer review panel of primarily disabled qtbipoc.


If you would like to share your identities that impact your marginalization, please do – we value equity which to us means bearing witness to the – often unrecognized – value of disabled, queer, trans, black, indigenous, people of color and the various other marginalized groups and identities.