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For release on 12/17/2020
Conspiracy of Geniuses

Queeratine – Call for Submissions

Queer and Trans Artists are invited to create with us this holiday season!

Seattle, WA (National) – December 17th, 2020 – Seattle based art collaborative, Conspiracy of Geniuses (CoG), is excited to announce that their latest artist project, Queeratine, is now taking rolling submissions through their website: conspiracyofgeniuses.org, until all slots are filled with expected spring press date.

The call is for work that has been or will be created during pandemic, a time where we, as marginalized intersectional individuals, are facing increased isolation, alienation and direct aggression. As artists, it is during these times of duress that heart shines through and some of the best work comes out. This book will be that gold of the heart shine that has brought the queer to quarantine, to queeratine. A call to all the artists that have used this time for self-reflection, to start creating new work. We are bringing that work together in an accessible multimedia time capsule.

The primary round of submission selected seven individuals who were invited to be on the review board for the rest of the anthology. The review council is 100% Queer; 86% POC – 43% Black; 25% Indigenous; 43% Latinx/Chicanx; 86% Disabled and/or HIV+(more than one); 57% Trans/GNC; and more than one person identifies as a current or former sex worker.

The panels for this project are as follows. Please scroll down to see some pictures.

  • Rachel Setzer (instagram) is an artist and activist and all around strange person who questions unjust hierarchies.
  • Harlen Munsö (instagram) is a Queer Multidisciplinary Artist based in Seattle, WA.
  • Darkness and vexation characterize the works of Seattle based artist, Anouk Rawkson (instagram), his works are recognized by aggressive strokes, large shapes, elusive symbols, and an underlying texture of frustration.
  • SAG-E is an actor and internationally published model and multi disciplinary artist, singer, PR, filmmaker, USCG Veteran, SA/DV survivor, and herbalist.
  • Positively Positive is a performance arts production company that educates the public about intersections of the life of a black, queer, transgender, non-binary, HIV+ since birth, asexual, aromantic, grey-asexual, and grey-aromatic identities.
  • Laila Pathan (instagram) is a Pakistani-American painter, activist and educator based in Karachi and New York.
  • At the stern of this ship is smitty buckler (instagram), who has roamed the wilderness of the pacific northwest their whole life creating beautiful chaos and sometimes calling it art. They secretly hate social media and poke fun at it by posting pictures of their butt.
  • The Board Liaison on the project from the Board of Directors is Willow Fox. Fox earned her BFA Summa Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts and is currently Executive Assistant with 4Culture. Most recently her work was worn as part of Degenerate Art Ensemble’s 2019 performance, Skeleton Flower.

For additional information,questions or to apply go to conspiracyofgeniuses.org.

Conspiracy of Geniuses (CoG)’s mission is to seek out artists with intersecting identities; producing spaces to create work, to create a voice, to create history. CoG has been creating queer art and cultural events in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest since 2004.