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Call for submissions!

First review 11/23/2020.

Second review 12/23/2020.

The call is for work that qts have created during this time where disabled QTBIPOC (queer, trans, black, indigenous, poc) are facing the most isolation, alienation and direct aggression than any other identity group. As artist it is during these times of duress that our heart shines through and some of our best work comes out. This book will be that gold of the heart shine that has brought the queer to quarantine, to queeratine. So many of us artists used this time for self-reflection, to start creating new work. We want to bring that work together in a multimedia package that is accessible to as many people as possible.

We are starting with a call for art reproducible in print media. We have grant to produce a book but through conversations we realized it would be better as something that had a multimedia component for accessibility and artistic integrity. We applied for another grant to record poets and writers reading their own and possibly others work. Artists are invited to consider and speak to how your piece would lend to a multimedia – audio and print (for right now). Stories, poetry, drawings, etc should have been produced after your geographical area was put on quarantine and generally reflective of the impact of quarantine – but if that means you wrote a bunch of porn. Cool send it our way. We still are still working out how being sex positive and youth positive is going to work out logistically but we are committed to working that out.
For those who submit by the first round (11/23/2020) and are accepted will be invited to be on the decision making committee for the later submitting applicants.
Proposal should not be more than a paragraph and should include your name; contact info; if (and where) this has been published anywhere else, including online; your website and/or any other way to view your work online if you have one. Additionally, include either (a) finished piece(s)* or a proposal for (a) piece(s). We will be paying a stipend to accepted submissions based on need (socioeconomic identities and circumstances), breadth of time to create piece, number of pieces accepted and our limited funding. If you need a certain amount of funds to reasonably commit time to creating (a) new piece(s)* or to have (a) finished piece(s)* included please also outline this in your proposal.
*If submitting more than three pieces then the pieces should be cohesive in some manner, it should be obvious that they go together. We encourage this but please address this in the proposal or we will return your proposal. While we do not have a word count, we will also return unreasonably long submissions. This is a book of short stories and other art.
If you would like to share your identities that impact your marginalization, please do – we are centered in equity which means privileging disabled, queer, trans, black, and indigenous peoples.