RADical Care Network Gathering at Allied Media Conference 2022

graphic from AMC website CoG is hosting a Network Gathering for AMC2022!
Call for Co-Conspirators
Save the Date:

July 2, 11-5 PST/2-8 EST/6pm-12am UTC

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This page has been archived please click here for where we are currently with this project.

We still have space for participants and amazingly still have $250 mini-grants available for people with intersectional identities and PLWHIV! In person participants will be well feed! Come to the info session or scroll down to find out more. To register click here or email smitty at conspiracyofgeniuses.org.

Miro Q&A Info Session


Miro Board: https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVO2pJt4U=/

We want you to join us in our conspiracy to create an
anti-oppression curriculum that actually creates
cultural and institutional change.

We say – we see you, your intersections; we love you for them, there is space for you here, plenty of nutrition for the body, heart, soul. We envision a world where there is no more stigma, bias, discrimination, hate, violence, trauma. You are RAD & we care about you! Just be!

Through storytelling, we will gather the experiences of organizers within oppressive systems. We will explore RAD Care: Radical – solutions that address the root of problems, Accessible – disability justice and inclusivity beyond the state, and Decolonizing – internalized oppressive methodologies. Examining historical and current failures or successes will help organizers heal and transform the Non Profit Industrial Complex through mutual care/(aid). We want to build intersectional spaces in media and organizing for people who don’t have spaces: those of us who are queer, trans, disabled, people of color, drug users, sex workers, PLWH, undocumented, refugees and immigrants. Ultimately, RADical Care aims to collaboratively propose some ways we can create change in our work, ourselves, and social media.

We are utilizing a fishbowl facilitation technique and an online software program called Miro. We are having an in-person gathering in the Pacific Northwest and will be interactively livestreaming to those who are registered. The in-person gathering and interactive components capacity will be limited based on our facilitator capacity which is based on our fundraising so please consider donating. Anyone (registered or attending through the AMC) will be able to attend as a viewer with limited interactive capacity to leave feedback and a limited ability to interact with the Miro page. We are still working out the specifics and garnering feedback on what folks need to feel good about participating. In other words, please feel free to sign up and let us know what you need. We cannot promise the stars but we will do whatever we can to make the space feel safe(r), a space where you can be courageous.

More info about fishbowls and our current (somewhat malleable) process below. We are currently recruiting and have some (10) $250 mini-grants available for co-conspirators. Also we have space for one more organizer/facilitator/planner for the event which includes a stipend of $300 and free registration for the whole AMC conference and the opportunity to earn another $400 doing pre-planning work (mostly in Miro & other administrative & some curriculum development tasks). CoG centers indigenous/native two-spirit and trans people with disabilities. Partial funding comes from SERO and thus we are specifically interested in recruiting folks who are at risk for acquiring HIV or PWLHIV (6 of the mini-grant). All co-conspirators (attendees and organizers) can apply using the same form and apply to get a mini-grant to attend. We are taking rolling submissions so the sooner you sign up the more likely you will be able participate. Even more info and a letter we sent to recruit facilitators is below. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Link to sign up to apply to attend and/or to participate more.


“Fishbowl conversations are a form of dialog that was born in what is known as unconferences, aka participant-driven meetings that try to avoid standard conference formats such as presentations followed by Q&A sessions.

A fishbowl conversation is used when discussing topics within large groups as several people can join the discussion and this allows everyone to participate in the chat (Atkinson, 2009).” – https://www.barbaracv.com/blog/a-virtual-fishbowl/

There are many examples of fishbowls online now. This is the one that most closely fits our plan. Barbara goes on to explain. “Another variation is to use technology to increase participation. This way the participants in the outer circle (OC) can share insights and ideas on a public online forum without needing to wait for their turn or be forced to have an open discussion in the inner circle (IC). Their opinions can be garnered through a post-it gathering or with live or digital voting.”

This is what we will be utilizing Miro for. This will be a place that people can come and go as they have capacity for and will not be restricted to the time we are live streaming.

Recruitment Letter:

Hello Magical Friend,

Conspiracy of Geniuses (CoG) is organizing a Network Gathering in conjunction with the Allied Media Conference at the end of June and we are currently recruiting. Please share this widely!!!

We say – we see you, your intersections; we love you for them, there is space for you here, plenty of nutrition for the body, heart, soul. We envision a world where there is no more stigma, bias, discrimination, hate, violence, trauma. You are RAD & we care about you! Come and be!

We want you to join us in our conspiracy to create an anti-oppression curriculum that actually creates cultural and institutional change.

Our gathering will be fishbowl style using an online whiteboard platform called Miro. Participants will be able to interact on Miro leading up to July 2nd. There will be limited (~twenty) spots for the inner fishbowl where the magic happens, but anyone attending the conference will be able to be a viewer with more limited feedback access. CoG has 9 mini-grants of $250 for Network Gathering participants (thanks to a grant from SERO Project and the AMC). In person attendees will also be fed physically and artistically in between discussions. 

CoG (well technically smitty) is also conducting one on one interviews ($75 Fred Meyer Gift Card). Additionally we are recruiting an organizer (base stipend $300 + full AMC conference pass), and looking for RFPs for Fundraising (stipend + budget). Folks can get more information and all apply on the same form through our website: https://conspiracyofgeniuses.org/amc/ or email admin@conspiracyofgeniuses.org. Rolling applications.  

Join us and give your expertise as we create an anti-oppression framework that leads to new ways of being in the world, cultural change, transformation. We will also be discussing our projects and how we as organizations (and allies) can help propagate collective healing.

We are centering people who have been disenfranchised from organizing, activism, the HIV movement and people knee deep in these environments. Specifically CoG centers people with intersectional identities including, but not limited to, Trans, Queer, Indigenous, Black, PoC, disabled, PLWH, sex workers and drug users. 

In Solidarity,
The CoG



Even More information aka old copy:
*aka it has been a struggle trying to efficiently communicate this project

Maybe you are asking yourself what exactly does that initial description even mean? It is hard to describe a dream briefly. In other words, we are bringing voices together to discuss the ways activism, organizing, and the NonProfit Industrial Complex (NPIC) has harmed many of us. Moreover we are working on creating a living handbook/manual (or website or training or something) that can be used to teach our communities. We want this training to be intersectional and expansive. In other words, often trainings are based on just one identity and are easy to not internalize because they are passive trainings. So we now have people running around saying they were trained in this or that so they can’t be stigmatizing people when really they never changed their attitudes and behaviors.

We will work together through May and June to put together a preliminary document for attendees to give feedback on. Additionally we will have time and space for participants to share their experiences and how they wish things would be different specifically to develop a training. There will also be a few slots for people to be interviewed prior to the conference if they have a lot to say and/or the conference is not accessible to them. We have limited $75 Fred Meyer Gift Certificates available for interviewees.

We will have pre-registration for individuals who want to share and participate. These moments are to elicit feedback; not to be a social support group type sharing. We recognize that the NPIC, even more progressive and radical organizations, have harmed many of us . We are working to build tools to help those who wish to build competencies. Our focus is on disability justice (primarily for this event) because that is the type of justice that we rarely are offered but everyone we are trying to recruit for the gathering would likely have intersectional identities, one of which being disabled.

We will use Storytelling and Theatre of the Oppressed methodologies for social change so participants can embody the feeling of healing and finding solutions to burnout and resisting oppressive bullies and white dominator culture. We want to begin the work of creating a queer and trans living history through our discursive storytelling.  When we discuss radical care it will be through a lens of accountability and mutual care (aid). This should enable us to move beyond surviving to sustained thriving movements and holding onto joy even during burnout. We want to imagine organizing principles without a revolving door scenario in leadership, and we believe that we need to explore trauma informed care, harm reduction and transformative justice to heal our leaders and communities. As we explore these methodologies we aim to discuss the issue of appropriation, its effects and how to avoid it by utilizing oral history.

ISO: AMC Lead Facilitator ($300 base stipend)

We are looking for someone who experiences intersectional identities (most of the folks we engage are qtpoc with disabilities, who because of these intersectional identities are usually also survivors)

and has skills and/or interest in propagating the following skill sets:

  • Help facilitate day of activities
  • Help plan day of activities
  • Outreach and Recruitment of participants
    • May include Press Release and other copy editing
    • Correspondence with participants
  • Fundraising – actively spread the word about fundraising activities
    • Help as needed with production, grant writing, and etc
  • Help create Rad Care Manual

If you are interested in joining us please send an email to admin at conspiracyofgeniuses.org with some information about yourself and what you would bring to this project. You can send a resume if you have one but since “we” often have experience that is outside of normal resume building experiences, we recognize that resumes often do not actually tell us much. Also this is not a “job” but a collaborative labor of love, an opportunity to co-create something magical… that also has a stipend. We do not have a deadline as finding the right person is most important to us but it is better to send us a simple email now letting us know you are interested as we will be reviewing on a rolling basis.