Currently, we are working on creating an handbook that embodies RAD (Radical Accessible & Decolonizing) Care. See our Collaborative Miro Board (also inline below). Each biweekly session begins with a free and optional 60 min yoga/movement class and ends with a free and optional art/creative activity. In the middle is one hour for discussion. We still have space for you to join us as well as two $50 per discussion session (total $350) participation stipends available for PLWHIV. We are also conducting one on one interviews (for $75 Fred Meyer Gift Card) – email to apply.

More information about the Handbook below/click here.

To Apply to Participate:

Please fill out this form. If you have any issues or want assistance with the form please email admin at conspiracyofgeniuses dot org.

Collaborative Handbook Creation Space (Miro Whiteboard)

We want you to join us in our conspiracy to create an
anti-oppression curriculum that actually creates
cultural and institutional change.

We say – we see you, your intersections; we love you for them, there is space for you here, plenty of nutrition for the body, heart, soul. We envision a world where there is no more stigma, bias, discrimination, hate, violence, trauma. You are RAD & we care about you! Just be!

This handbook will be a foundational document that we will use to build out other programming. Utilizing storytelling and other Methodologies of the Oppressed, we will gather artists and organizers within oppressive systems. We will explore RAD Care: Radical – solutions that address the root of problems, Accessible – disability rights and inclusivity beyond the state, and Decolonizing – internalized oppressive methodologies. Examining historical and current failures or successes will help organizers heal and transform the Non Profit Industrial Complex through mutual liberation (care/aid). We want to build intersectional space. We organize for people who don’t have spaces (namely those of us who are queer, trans, disabled, people of color, drug users, sex workers, PLWH, undocumented, refugees and immigrants). Ultimately, RADical Care aims to collaboratively propose some ways we can create change in our work, ourselves, and social media.

Join us and give your expertise as we create an anti-oppression framework that leads to new ways of being in the world, cultural change, transformation. We will also be discussing our projects and how we as organizations (and allies) can help propagate collective healing.

Even More information because we know this is a new idea.

Maybe you are asking yourself what exactly does that initial description even mean? It is hard to describe a dream briefly. The goal is to bring voices together to create a living handbook, manual, website, training, or something – that can be used to create change in our communities. This effort is intersectional and expansive. Often trainings are based on just one identity and are easy to not internalize because they are passive trainings. The presenter talks and the participant puts the words into their short-term memory to regurgitate on the test and then forget. So we now have people running around saying they were trained in this or that so they can’t be stigmatizing people when really they never changed their attitudes and behaviors. These moments are to elicit feedback. We are working to build tools to help those who wish to build competencies.

By utilizing Methodologies of the Oppressed such as Storytelling and Theatre of the Oppressed, participants embody the feeling of healing as we find and create solutions to burnout, resisting oppressive bullies and white dominator culture. Discussing radical care will be through a lens of accountability and mutual liberation (care/aid). This should enable us to move beyond surviving to sustained thriving movements. Enabling us to hold onto joy in all conditions. We imagine organizing without a revolving door scenario concerning leadership from people with intersectional diverse communities due to burnout from microaggressions. We believe that we need to explore trauma informed care, harm reduction and transformative justice to heal our leaders and communities but we need to do so without all the jargon so our movements become accessible to those with out the academic and/or class experience to have mastered social justice language. As we explore these methodologies, we also aim to discuss the issue of appropriation, its effects, and how to decolonize it by utilizing oral histories.

 Learn more about RAD Care by clicking here. Also please feel free to reach out  with questions – admin at conspiracyofgeniuses dot org.