graphic from AMC website CoG is hosting a Network Gathering for AMC2022!
Save the Date: June 30

We want you to join us in our conspiracy. Through storytelling, we will gather the experiences of organizers within oppressive systems. We will explore RAD Care: Radical – solutions that address the root of problems, Accessible – disability justice and inclusivity beyond the state, and Decolonizing – internalized oppressive methodologies. Examining historical and current failures or successes will help organizers heal and transform the Non Profit Industrial Complex through mutual care/(aid). We want to build intersectional spaces in media and organizing for people who don’t have spaces: those of us who are queer, trans, disabled, people of color, drug users, sex workers, PLWH, undocumented, refugees and immigrants. Ultimately, RADical Care aims to collaboratively propose some ways we can create change in our work, ourselves, and social media. We are having an in person gathering in the Pacific Northwest and will be interactively livestreaming to those who are registered. The in-person gathering and interactive components will be limited based on our facilitator capacity which is based on our fundraising so please consider donating and/or supporting our GoFundMe. We currently have space for one more facilitator/planner for the event which includes a stipend of $250. Scroll down to more information if interested.

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More information:

We will use Storytelling and Theatre of the Oppressed for social change so participants can embody the feeling of healing and find solutions to burnout and resisting oppressive bullies and white dominator culture. We want to begin the work of creating a queer and trans living history through our discursive storytelling.  When we discuss radical care it will be through a lens of accountability and mutual care (aid). This should enable us to move beyond surviving to sustained thriving movements and holding onto joy even during burnout. We want to imagine organizing principles without a revolving door scenario in leadership, and we believe that we need to explore trauma informed care, harm reduction and transformative justice to heal our leaders and communities. As we explore these methodologies we aim to discuss the issue of appropriation, its effects and how to avoid it by utilizing oral history.

ISO: AMC Lead Facilitator ($250 stipend)

We are looking for someone who experiences intersectional identities (most of the folks we engage are qtpoc with disabilities, who because of these intersectional identities are usually also survivors)

and has skills and/or interest in propagating the following skill sets:

  • Help facilitate day of activities
  • Help plan day of activities
  • Outreach and Recruitment of participants
    • May include Press Release and other copy editing
    • Correspondence with participants
  • Fundraising – actively spread the word about fundraising activities
    • Help as needed with production, grant writing, and etc
  • Help create Rad Care Manual

If you are interested in joining us please send an email to admin at with some information about yourself and what you would bring to this project. You can send a resume if you have one but since “we” often have experience that is outside of normal resume building experiences, we recognize that resumes often do not actually tell us much. Also this is not a “job” but a collaborative labor of love, an opportunity to co-create something magical… that also has a stipend. We do not have a deadline as finding the right person is most important to us but it is better to send us a simple email now letting us know you are interested as we will be reviewing on a rolling basis. We are aiming for before the end of the year so we can jump into planning in January.