Ritual Monthly Subscription

To purchase a yearly subscription click here. To purchase by month click here.

We are all about community care and part of that is self-care. We want to be there to support you in a commitment to self-care in our typical rad, fun way. Each month we will send you a full moon and new moon ritual that is specific to that moon as well as an art activity based in relationship to the rituals. Each month we will include different handmade  botanical (or optional plain) bath salts to use on the full moon which is a time of cleansing. New moon is a time to set intentions so we will include an aspiration ritual. The third rad addition is an art activity and supplies. Bonus gift will be the inclusion of interesting astronomical information that is happening each month. All botanicals will be wildcrafted or organic.

May is Flower Moon so this month’s box will have a special flower focus. This May is special but you will need to subscribe to find out why! We are starting to sell these now for delivery by May 10th (before the new moon). May’s box will be available for purchase throughout May. While the intention is meant for the full and new moon that doesn’t mean you have to do them on those days. The intention that you put behind the ritual is what is most important.  

Each box will be packed with thirty dollars worth of value. To purchase one month at a time, we are currently offering a deal for twenty-five dollars until May Day (Beltaine). If you subscribe for a year in advance, we appreciate your commitment and will discount the boxes to twenty-three dollars a month aka $276 for the year. 

Each month we will accept nominations for rad people to gift a free box to. We will choose one person who gives way too much to the fight and doesn’t get enough in return. In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd); Arbor Day (April 30th); World Migratory Bird Day (May 8th); Endangered Species Day (May 19th) this month’s gift box nominations are reserved for those fighting for Environmental Justice alongside Social Justice; for those who understand how tied health is to the environment and it is not fair that those who are polluting are not exposed to the pollution. And/or a special mother (Mother’s day May 9th) who continues to fight for her children’s right to a healthy world in the future. To nominate someone fill out this form: https://airtable.com/shryUjIVMpdd0jLAH