Mutual Liberation Fund


We are up and running but we don’t have a lot of funds right now so mostly we need donations.

We are compiling lists of other funds available here.



  • Do i qualify?
    You qualify if you are a part of the CoG community iow engaging in our programming or in a leadership role.
  • What do i need to do to receive money?
    Submit the form below or copy & paste into an email. After you have been accepted we will contact you for next steps.
    – You will need an amount, a reason. It does not have to be descriptive aka Healthcare costs is fine.
    – What challenges you are facing? Ie, no insurance, no work, work is not enough. Again, no need to be super descriptive.
    – Last but also very important is a proposal for a project or some way to give back to CoG. We are looking for something that equals time at $20(USD)/hour. Iow, if you ask for $100(USD), the project should take around five hours.
  • Why are not you just giving away money like most mutual aid funds?
    – We define mutual aid as – “a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit. Mutual aid projects are a form of political participation in which people take responsibility for caring for one another and changing political conditions.” (wiki link)
    – We do not actually consider them mutual aid funds; they are charity and most of the newer mutual aid funds are propagating a lot of the unhealthy colonial capitalism savior complex into radical organizing. For more information please see below or click here.
  • What happens if i cannot complete my proposal?
    We get it life happens. This is not a contract for services. Ideally it is something you are excited about doing.
  • Do i have to do a project that is interactive?
    No, we would love to see projects that are interactive but understand some people struggle with interacting. Many of us are still dealing with isolation and these projects ideally give reason to break isolation.
  • How much can i ask for?
    We had planned to give $100 usually and to set the cap at $200 but remain flexible to the needs that come up for our community. Our grant was only for $1000. We are continue to look for additional funding.


More Information:

This fund is especially for folks who are already part of the CoG/Rad Care community* and we are requesting that folks who apply think of ways that they can give back specifically to the CoG/Rad Care community. We ask that folks plan on (but we are not requiring) dedicating the number of hours that would equal getting paid at $20 per hour (which is our base pay for everyone). These hours can be parsed out over time. This is how we wrote the grant to receive funds with the idealism that it will help propagate community connections during this time of intense isolation.

Please do not look at this fund as a hand out.

*Not part of the CoG/Rad Care community? We are still working to acquire more funds so we are still looking for feedback on what everyone needs right now?? Be specific: “I need $ to pay rent.” “I need $ for food.” “I need someone to virtually check up on me.” We are all pretty burnt out over here so we are not going to promise that we will review or respond to anyone within any period of time. Honestly, we are prioritizing those we already were working with so we cannot fund new people at this point but hey feel free to fill out the form anyway and we will use it to try and secure more funds. Also you can become involved in our work and thus become eligible to apply so check out our projects.

We know many people are in situations where they don’t have the time/resources to pay it forward so if this is you that is totally fine to say also. But in general we are based on the concept of mutual aid – “a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit. Mutual aid projects are a form of political participation in which people take responsibility for caring for one another and changing political conditions.”  Mutual Aid is based on the idea of mutuality or reciprocity – in other words we hope that those who benefit will turn around and pay it forward. Since the term “mutual aid” is being misused so consistently right now we changed the name of our fund to a Mutual Liberation Fund to distinguish us from the charity projects happening now.

We are organized by marginalized individuals who hold intersectional identities and thus greatly dislike the oppressive concept of charity. Most of us are volunteering our time while working and trying to survive with marginalized identities during this time so not offering mutuality towards our efforts should come with some good reasoning.

Most awards will be $100 or less. We have a soft cap of $200 per person. For transparency we have $1000 to start and are already have more submissions than money (like most funds). We say soft because we do have some flexibility to increase this amount if you for instance need $250 to secure housing. The choice to approve any applications will come from a committee. This committee would also have to approve an increase in the amount to over $200 and this will depend on other applications.

*Privacy notice: We are very aware and careful to protect your privacy. We are using google forms (& forwards to a gmail) because everyone has a gmail anyway but if you want you can also email us your proposal info at radcare (at) riseup (dot) net. Thank you!