The Factory

The Factory* has been one of our favorite projects that has struggled getting off the ground because it requires space which costs money. The say goes you have to spend money to make money but we need more money. Once we secure enough funds and a location, we will be able to offer our community tools to launch their own propaganda. We can walk folks through the design process then they can learn how to use our equipment while we launch their first campaign.

We did get some equipment grants and donations so we have a full sized four color screenprinting carousel, a flash drier, a burn box for screens, a button maker, an industrial sewing machine, a serger, a semi-industrial paper cutter, and a spiral binder. We even have an espresso machine. Just waiting for the stars to align to bring us a space we can afford and meets our needs for accessibility. If you know of a space we should look into or even better that you can donate to the cause please fill out the form below. If you have money you can donate please see our donation page, for larger donations we can offer a tax write off through our fiscal sponsor.

*This is a nod to The Factory that was Andy Warhol’s studio and “the hip hangout for artistic types. … Aside from the prints and paintings, Warhol produced shoes, films, sculptures and commissioned work in various genres to brand and sell items with his name.” But what if The Factory was not run by a narcissist and instead was a community hub, a place for emerging artists to interact with seasoned artists. A space that centers qtbipoc individuals and communities. A space for new creative works to emerge in a supportive environment. That is our dream for this space.