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MOVEment Mondays

An intersectional body positive movement space!

Seattle, WA – October 4th, 2021 – Conspiracy of Geniuses (CoG) is excited to announce MOVEment MONDAYS! In person, streaming live and archived!

**12/6 & 12/13 classes are cancelled

Join us for a social justice movement series. This fun approach to staying fit will explore a variety of modalities such as Yoga, Ball/Voguing, Martial Art, Self-Defense and more. Thanks to a space grant from Shunpike and financial grant from Resist, CoG is currently able to offer  in-person, streaming, and archived classes. Suggested donation $20-40 for a two hour adventure. There are scholarships available. We do not turn people away for lack of funds. Money should not be a deterrent from coming. Really classes are free but we are strongly encouraging people to donate. Registration IS REQUIRED to access all classes including streaming and archived. Jump to registration. Please email reg at if you have any trouble registering through the website. 

You are cordially invited to co-create this safer movement space which will be body positive and welcoming to people who are trans/ gender nonconforming, indigenous, black, people of color, older, survivors, people with disabilities, people of size, and really anyone who feels that movement spaces are not accessible to them. Yang class is more strength training, more energetic and from 6-7pm. From 7-8 pm is Yin aka more stretching. Based on who is in the room, some classes will be geared towards athletes, specifically those who bicycle or roller skate and anyone who needs extra focus on stretching and strengthening the SI joints, psoas, piriformis, and glutes. 

We will offer prescheduled Co-working/ Open Studio hours from 4-6 & 8-10 pm. Participants can come work on their own choreograph, stretch on their own, etc. We are asking for a $15-20 per hour donation to compensate for staffing. Again scholarship options are available.

The main facilitator, smitty, is a graduate of the 200 hour Practice School of Magic (Poseur) Yoga Teacher Training. They have been practicing yoga since they were a child but specifically after an on the job injury when they were seventeen started causing chronic pain. Since then they have been studying the body and healing arts. For over 20 years smitty has been facilitating learning experiences around social justice, anti-oppression, healing justice and body movement. They are also a service worker to houseless populations specifically those who are struggling with substance and/or mental health, stigmatized drug users, sex worker and PLWH. When they are not organizing, servicing, facilitating, or stage tech-ing at a theatre they make strange art that usually involves puppets, music, dance and story.

Together will also explore meditation texts on anti-oppression such as Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness (Treleaven), Radical Dharma (williams), the Power Manual (Saurez), Sustaining Spirit (Ortiz), Theatre of the Oppressed (Boal), anti-oppression writings by Angel Davis and bell hooks, and other radical, accessible, decolonizing and trauma informed praxis. Participants will gain support, strength and tools for their continued healing. We will explore how marginalization causes trauma for those who are othered, who are the object in the subject-object narrative, and explore ways to come into a deeper connection with body, mind, and spirit through the practice of yoga and other healing techniques.

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Conspiracy of Geniuses (CoG)’s mission is to seek out artists with intersecting identities; producing spaces to create work, to create a voice, to create history. CoG has been creating queer art and cultural events in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest since 2004. A healing arts project of CoG – Rad (Radical, Accessible, Decolonizing) Care is creating mutual (aid) liberation through community care frameworks centering marginalized intersectional voices. Art is community care. CoG/Rad Care are two sides of the same coin. We are artists who do community care work.


MOVEment flier

Please fill out our registration and then if you want to pay in advance click on the payment links above. Please note you will need to register to access online videos. Our desire to protect our instructors is important.

If you map the address (1201 Second Avenue) it will take you to the main building. We are just south of the main building on the corner of 2nd and Seneca. Scroll down for a video.

Map of cross streets
Map of cross streets
Picture of studio entrance
Picture of studio entrance