Wish List

Do you have any of these items? Or wish to donate to help us acquire them? You will have our utmost appreciation!

  • Photo/Video/Sound equipment
    • We are trying to get digital in this time of covid. Honestly we already have enough cheap equipment, we are looking for professional level equipment. So for example:
    • the latest iPhone
    • a Canon D grade camera
    • Zoom audio recording device or something of similar quality
  • Computer
    • Again we have plenty junk computers here we are hoping for something Apple or something that has been made in the last couple of years with windows still installed. We love Linux but most of the programs we use and are trained with won’t work on those system without a lot of work. If you can set up that work around we are totally into it. We just lack the capacity aka time.
  • Van or Truck
    • This is a big ask but a running van or truck will help us run events and distribute products.
  • Art Supplies
    • We are always working on accumulating art supplies so when we open our physical space we will be set up.