Fall-ing towards…




Sept Newsletter

Fall-ing towards…

Now – 10/27:
MOVEment Body Positive Yoga (based) Movement
9/10: Rope (Shibari) Meet-up (trans led)
9/17 2-3pm:
Body Awareness for Better Sex
10/8 3-5pm:
Exploring Sexuality & Identity through Writing
11/19: Trans Remembrance & Celebration
12/17: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Thursdays through October
The next
series of

4:30-5:30pm: Movement/Yoga (Livestreamed on YouTube)
5:45-6:15 pm: Talking Circle (closed to nonparticipants)

Be part of this once in a lifetime, historical project!

More information about the project go to https://conspiracyofgeniuses.org/projects/radcare/handbook/
For questions, email

*Please scroll to the bottom to read our note about why we are no longer able to offering stipends for this.

9/10: Rope (Shibari) Meet-up for trans folks
For location must RSVP with admin@conspiracyofgeniuses.org

a brown skinned person in ropes

9/7-9/14: TAINT

One of our lovely artists is helping organize this gathering in Southern Oregon that is made for those who want to run around the woods with other kinky trans umbrella folks. For more info: click here or email: taintlytaints@gmail.com

bowl of tiny dildos, some have spilt out onto a table corner

Help us plan

digital drawing, left bottom corner peeks an eye and part of a brown face with "hair" that is trans colors aka pink and blue.

Nov 19th
Trans Remembrance & Celebration

Dec 17th
International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
Email admin@conspiracyofgeniuses.org for more info, to volunteer and/or to help planning.

a cement wall moves away from the camera on the wall is a tag that says Sex Work is Work on top of a red umbrella.
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* Sadly we cannot confirm that our funder will pay participants because smitty got sarcastic. We really did not want to believe they would refuse to pay community participants but today they said they cut all our funding and discluded our access to our zoom room. This statement of transparency will probably not make the situation with them better but for anyone here looking for $$ and confused, we felt we needed to be transparent about the situation.

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