Mercury Retrograde is upon us!

Noticing any tech or communication glitches today. It might be bc today also chimes in the start of Mercury Retrograde period. Love Farmers Almanac! Grew up with them in the house as a kid. Some good general advice about mercury retrograde periods. This period starts in Gemini. Pre-shadow phase was in Taurus started April 26th. & mercury will re-enter Taurus on May 22nd and station direct on June 3rd. Leaves post-shadow on June 18th. Eeek 😨… This retrograde will impact Gemini ♊️& Taurus ♉️ most. & those who have these signs somewhere in their chart. If, for example, you have a taurus rising then this time period will impact your relationship with everything that your rising impacts. Iow, how you are in uncomfortable or new situations, etc.

Gemini ♊️- mercury retrograde is always a great time for introspection & perspective taking especially for you right now. We all know you love to talk but it is a good time to practice those listening skills.

Taurus ♉️- Also some perspective taking. Moving jn on your 1st house (self) & 2nd house (finances), mercury is asking what or who are you avoiding? Taureans generally avoid emotions and expressions of their emotions whenever they are uncomfortable. Mercury is giving a chance to work on communicating emotions even if they do not translate well. How about money? Good time to look at your spending and financial goals.

Keep it real & calm. This is really a time we all can be reflective and a chance to reprocess anything we are hanging onto.
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