We are presenting at Consent Fest! 6/18 @ 8:40pm(us)/3-9pm(event) PST

Note: Our presentation is at 8:40pm on consent with survivors and people with marginalized identities include gender, ability, and race.
Join us as 19 orgs share their take on Consent and where it has taken them.
Hosted by the Consent Academy, this evening of Consent will explore everything from some of our most intimate moments to how we manage Consent at work and so many things in between. There is much to talk about and with giveaways every hour, lots to enjoy. Join us:
Consent Fest 2021 – www.consentfest.com
Friday, June 18th
3:00-9:00pm (Pacific) / 6:00pm – Midnight (Eastern)
Streaming live on Twitch TV


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