How’s it going?

(a casual art and writing gathering)

What’s your quarantine self-care routine? If you could send yourself a care package a year ago, what would be in it? If you could give all QTBIPOC people a gift during quarantine, what would it be? Conspiracy of Geniuses wants to know the answers to all of these questions and more at our art making and writing gathering for Queeratine, our upcoming anthology. We hope this can be an ice breaker for writers and artists interested in submitting, and a chance for our QTBIPOC friends to connect and make some inspiring art during this trying time.

Catch us on Instagram Live at 7 PM PDT ~THIS SATURDAY~ and watch this space for our twitch and discord links.

image of skater as the galaxy with the words "How's it going?" and then 27th March 7 pm PDT.

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