We (cough) advocated to the Seattle Farmers Market staff to make the markets accessible cuz those long ass lines were definitely not. They finally agreed to and we does quoth:
“Starting this weekend, seniors and anyone with mobility issues may enter the markets at the exit points (all other people must only enter at the entrance). Additionally, seniors and those with mobility issues may proceed to the front of the line at market entrances at any time. We will make sure that all staff and volunteers are aware of this. We will have signage also posted at both the entrances and exits to specify these guidelines. We will also be communicating this via our newsletter and social media. We will also continue to evaluate and make improvements to the best of our ability as necessary.”
We followed up to ask how mobility issues were defined and the response we received was:
“We will honor this for anyone who tells us they have a mobility issue (unless it becomes apparent that people are abusing this option).”
So please do share with the folks who need to know. We also hope that people won’t ‘abuse this option.’ We do not see anything on their website yet and this also only applies to those in this market network. We did not even realize that there was more than one market, uh, group.
Pike’s Place is also open and “accessible” but that place is definitely complicated and only open on Thursday and Saturdays until 5 pm.

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