About Us

If you would like to contact us please use the form at the bottom of the page. We are always looking for collaborations, support and folks who want to be involved in our projects. Please consider donating so we can keep these programs going.

CoG’s first official event was a gallery show in 2004 at the 3rd and Jackson Building in Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington. Since then we have been a project based consortium that focuses on projects and events that create opportunities for and center intersectional politicized identities that include Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, Artists of Color, & Artists with Disabilities. In 2014, Rad Care became a concept and we had our first workshop at the Allied Media Conference. Rad Care has been fiscally sponsored by Allied Media for over two years now.

We are merging the two platforms, again, because of the large overlap between participants and organizers as well as mission. CoG was meant to be the creative house that brought in income to fund the mutual aid and community care work we have been prioritizing. In truth, even though we started as an arts organization, we have always also centralized community, creating space for community and existing in the world in ways that folks now call mutual aid and community care. We started calling this way of being in the world Rad Care, something more than just a back n forth exchange within an affinity group but a large framework with which to create mutual liberation utilizing systems of care.

Some Highlights:


2020: Resist Mutual Aid
2016-2020: Trans Justice Fund
2019-2020: Resist General
2018: smART grant, City of Seattle Arts & Culture for OratioImperata.org
2011: Portland Office of Sustainability Grant for CoG Mobile Craft Mart
2008: MCCC grant to produce full run of Denial of Self at IFCC


2004-current: We have been selling t-shirts, zines, buttons, etc at Zine Symposiums, Craft Fairs and various events – too many to keep track of.

2010: CoG Circus, Portland OR
2010: Cirque Noir, Portland OR
2010-13: Keeping Portland Queer! Documentary about Arts and Culture in Portland, OR
2010/06: Bike Love, Curator: Leah (Angst Studio, Portland, OR)
2009: CoG Artist Gallery & Calendar
2009/06: Group Show on Gender, (100th Monkey Studio, Portland OR)
2009/02: the CoG Factory Opening, Curator (CoG Factory, Portland, OR)
2006/04/01: 108, Group show, Curator: Jay Gordon (108 gallery, Seattle WA)
2005/12/10: KraftHaus, Craft show (Seattle WA)
2005/04/09: Behind the Counter Culture, (Mnemonic, 619 Western, Seattle WA)
2005/07/08: Urban Fashion, Fashion Show Benefit (ArtWorks, Seattle, WA)
2005/11/03: Deadly Fashion, Collaboration with the Foxglove Studio (619 Western, Seattle WA)
2005/01/06: Disillustration: Group exhibition, “Pop art”, curator (321 Clubhouse, Seattle, WA)
2004/12/02: Our Queer Family Portrait, Photography, curator (321 Clubhouse, WA)

Select Performance:

2019 – 2020: Coming Soon

  • 2018/6/21: (Puppets) Princess MasterBlazers 206Q Pride Edition, Fred Wildlife Refugee, Seattle, WA
  • 2018/04/20-21: (Puppets) Princess MasterBlazer, Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam 14, Theatre off Jackson, Seattle, WA
  • 2017/01/11: (Performance) 206 Q, Fred Wildlife Refugee, Seattle, WA
  • 2017/10/13-10/14: (Puppetry) Friday the 13th… Gone Wild! Fussy Puppet Slam, Theatre off Jackson, Seattle, WA
  • 2016/05: (Puppet/Drag) Grace Jones Tribute, Gay Uncle Show, Rendezvous
  • 02/2016: (Performance Art/Dance) Open Studio #20, On the Boards, Seattle, WA
  • 2015/10: (Puppets) Fuzzy Puppet Slam, Theatre off Jackson, Seattle, WA
  • 2010-2015: (Puppets) Various shorts, Beady Eyes Puppet Slam, Portland OR
  • 2014/10: (Facilitated) Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop, National Harm Reduction Conference, Baltimore, MA
  • 2103/08: (Puppets) Trans*missions, Queer Social Club, Seattle WA Silver Cloud Hotel-Seattle Broadway, Seattle WA
  • 2012/08: (Puppets) Trans*missions, Queer Social Club, Washington Hall, Seattle WA
  • 2012/03: (Puppets) Molly Bang Show, Mt.Tabor Theatre, Portland OR
  • 2011/08: (Drag) Kings for a Cause III, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2011/07: (Drag) Summer Lovin Benefit Show, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2010/11: (Acrobatics) Hug Monsters, Trans Day of Remembrance, Portland, OR
  • 2010/11: (Spoken Word) Trans Empowerment Week, Portland, OR
  • 2010/10: (Clown/Acro) The Holy, Harrowing, Hellacious,’ H’ Halloween Show, Re-Bar, Seattle
  • 2010/09: (Acrobatics) Rose City Saloon, Portland OR
  • 2010/08: (Acrobatics) Kings for a Cause, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2010/05: (Acrobatics) Freakshow-go-go aka FAGG, Seattle WA
  • 2010/02: (Acrobatics) Fat Tuesday, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2010/01: (Clown/Acrobatics) Not All Clowns Are Bozos II, Theatre off Jackson, Seattle WA
  • 2009/12: (Acrobatics) Homo for the Holidays, Self-Produced, Switchyard Studios, Portland OR
  • 2009/09: (Acrobatics) SMYRC Grand Re-Opening Celebration, Portland OR
  • 2009/09: (Acrobatics) SuperQueer, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2009/08: (Acrobatics) Paint Your Art Out Benefit, Siren Nation, Portland OR
  • 2009/08: (Acrobatics) Gender Free For All March, Portland OR
  • 2009/07: (Acrobatics) Pride Performance, E-Room, Portland OR
  • 2009/04: (Acrobatics) Gutz Out Fundraiser, In Other Words, Portland OR
  • 2009/02: (Puppets) Puppet Love, Tears of Joy, the Winningstad, Portland OR
  • 2009/02: (Acrobatics) The CoG Factory Grand Opening, Portland OR
  • 2009/01: (Puppets) Arabella, the Holocene, Portland OR
  • 2009/01: (Clown) Not All Clowns Are Bozos, Ear to the Ground, Theatre Off Jackson, Seattle WA
  • 2008/12: (Full run) Denial of Self, Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, Portland OR