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  • A Reoccurring Sliding Scale Donation

    You can help by contributing to our fund that pays for when others cannot pay full price. Please consider making a reoccurring donation! Thank you!

  • Ropes Donation

    Please join us on October 17th from 6-8pm (doors locked at 6:30pm) for our new rope practice and discussion group for trans umbrella folks including non-binary, genderqueer, two-spirit and any other gender divergent…

  • Oct Ritual Subscription

    Each month we will send you a full moon and new moon ritual that is specific to that moon as well as an art activity based in relationship to the rituals. Each month we will include different handmade  botanical (or optional plain) bath salts to use on the full moon which is a time of cleansing. New moon is a time to set intentions so we will include an aspiration ritual. The third rad addition is an art activity and supplies. Bonus gift will be the inclusion of interesting astronomical information that is happening each month. All botanicals will be wildcrafted or organic.

  • Classes

    Introducing our Subscriptions! What you get: For your weekly, monthly, quarterly, biyearly or yearly commitment, you will get access to the weekly yoga/other movement classes as well as the art…

  • MOVEment Biyearly Subscription

    MOVEment Biyearly Subscription

  • MOVEment Quarterly Subscription

    MOVEment Quarterly Subscription

  • MOVEment Yearly Subscription

    MOVEment Yearly Subscription

  • MOVEment – weekly subscription

    Movement Weekly Subscription

  • MOVEment – Monthly Subscription

    RAD Movement Monthly Subscription

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