Instigate Mutual Liberation through an intersectional feminist approach to art and healing arts.

What we do?

Conspiracy of Geniuses (CoG) seeks to create new works of arts, crafts, and performances to create an intersectional living history. To this goal, we support artists and future artists of all ages with intersecting identities through programming, education, mentorship, wellness, and community as well as trainings for organizations and institutions. CoG creates spaces to create healing and work, voice, history. CoG implements healing arts through RAD (Radical, Accessible, Decolonizing) Care by creating mutual (aid) liberation through community care frameworks centering marginalized intersectional voices.


UX - stands for User Experience Design. MAL - Acronym Mutual Aid & Liberation. Design from the User Experience to propagate Mutual Aid & Liberation.


Queer Erotic Arts Foundation/Festival (QuEAF’s) mission is to support people, and propagate community, by creating art and education spaces for queer and trans+ people (qts) to find and express their whole selves.

Mutual Liberation

Art, Movement, Yoga, Community Care, Spirituality, Harm Reduction Distribution, Mutual Aid Fund.

Where to Find Us

Self-care is very difficult for our community but necessary for us as artists to create. Our one on one support helps our artist make new work.


Every single person deserves care. None of us are liberated unless all of us are liberated. Spokesmodel of Community Centered Organizing. More info coming soon.


Updates on our Livestream classes, Trans+ Meet-ups, QuEAF, & other events.

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